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College and Career Department

This class is designed for those just out of high school that are either attending college or entering the work force.  Yvonne Hill is the teacher and uses the “Bible Studies for Young Adults” material.

Young Adult II

Kevin Cardwell teaches the Young Adult II class which includes single adults and couples.  The material used for this class is “The Gospel Project”.

Medium Adult Men

The Medium Adult Men's class is taugh by Ken Morrison.  The material used for this class is “Explore the Bible”.

Senior Adult Men

Blake Mitchell and Willie McCann co-teach the Senior Adult Men's Class.  “Bible Studies for Life” series is the material used in this class.

Young Adult I

The Young Adult I class is for those 24-40 years of age and includes both single and married adults.  Cole and Tiffany Evans are the teachers.

Special Needs

Wanda Propes teaches the Special Needs class for those young people with special needs.  Wanda uses the “Access” material.

Medium Adult Women

The Medium Adult Women's Class is taught by Elizabeth Eaton and the material used is “Explore the Bible".  Elizabeth is assisted in teaching this class by Valerie Coleman and Brenda Craig

Senior Adult Women

Mary Mitchell is the teacher for the Senior Adult Women's Class and she is assisted in teaching by Brenda Craig.  This class utilizes the “Explore the Bible” material

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