The organization now known as "Evergreen Baptist Church" was perfected under the name of 'New South Benson Church," January 6, 1884, with twenty-three charter members, at the home of Mr. John Jenkins, Bridgeport, Franklin County, Kentucky.


Elder B.T. Quinn, of Georgetown, Kentucky, and Elder J.M. Lewis, Frankfort, Kentucky, assisted in the organization.  The original officers of "New South Benson Church" chosen when organized were:  Trustees, John Jenkins, Thomas Farmer, Charles Jenkins and Franklin Morris;  Deacons, D.D. Parker, J.W. Jenkins, F.M. Scofield, and Franklin Morris; Moderator Thomas Farmer; Clerk C.H. Parrent and Pastor B.F. Hungerford.


On Saturday before the second Sunday in November, 1885, the name of the church was changed from "New South Benson Church" to "Evergreen Baptist Church" and on the following day, Sunday, November 8, 1885, the new church house was dedicated, the dedicatory sermon being preached by Dr. William Pratt.  Dr. J.M. Lewis and Paster B.F. Hungerford assisted in the services.